>Welcome to The Sports Logo Pundit


Welcome to Down With Pants! brand spankin’ new blog The Sports Logo Pundit. One of my favorite things to do is to browse websites of minor league sports teams looking for unique and interesting or just plain weird logos. We are in a time when every team wants to give itself a unique look and this has produced some of the most fascinating logos ever.

I hope to bring you a new sports logo every single day (except for the weekends, I do have a life you know…no really, quit laughing) and write a little bit about it whether it be a review, some history or just snarky comments (most likely quite a few snarky comments because some of these logos are ridiculous). This isn’t a comprehensive listing or archive of logos. For that check out the excellent webpage Chris Creamer’s Sports Logos. This is just me finding fun logos and passing them on to you.

So check back often please and enjoy the fun and wacky world of sports logos. If you have any logos that you think are particularly goofy or of interest please drop me an email at downwithpants@gmail.com. Thanks!
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3 Responses to >Welcome to The Sports Logo Pundit

  1. Dave2 says:

    >Excellent idea for a blog! Though I think it would be cool if you would include school sports, because there’s a lot of wacky team names and logos out there! The Astoria Fighting Fishermen come to mind… – Dave2

  2. Brandon says:

    >I was planning on including some school logos as well. They have sports teams too. My favorite that I found a while back that was the Poca Dots. I think it’s a high school in West Virginia. I’ll probably feature that one some time soon.

  3. Dub V.2 says:

    >Don’t forget the Tillamook Cheesemakers!

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