>Chico Outlaws


When I first heard the name and saw the logo for the new Chico team in the independent Golden Baseball League that begins play later this spring, I had a feeling of severe deja vu. Where had I seen this logo before? After about five minutes it finally hit me…Calgary!

That’s right! The Calgary team in the short lived Canadian Baseball League were named the Outlaws and their logo was strikingly similar. I know the two logos aren’t exactly the same, but let’s be honest, they might as well be brothers. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Chico has improved on the old Calgary logo making him much more beefy and slick. However what bothers me is that there is absolutely no face. At least the Calgary one had some eyes. The Chico Outlaw just kind of looks like a bloody lump with a hat. Is that lump of skin poking out supposed to be a nose? And how the hell is going to hit a ball without any eyes? Huh?

Baseball fans in Chico are great. The Outlaws will probably lead the league in attendance and will be loved in the community. People will buy all sorts of merchandise and the Outlaw will become a symbol for the community just like “Heater” did for the Chico Heat in the old Western Baseball League. I just feel like the city and the fans deserve more than a bloody lump and a retread logo for their team.

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