>Poca High School – The Poca Dots


If you lived in Poca, West Virginia, what would you name the local high school’s sports teams? The Miners? The Hawks? The Mountaineers? Come on now, you aren’t thinking hard enough. The Fighting Monkeys? Please, where did that one come from?

How about the Dots? The Poca Dots. Has a nice little ring to it doesn’t it. Well that’s what a Charleston sportswriter thought back in 1928 when he suggested the nickname for the high school and the Dots have been going strong ever since.

These two logos are great. First on the left you have the classic script logo that has probably been used for 50 years. It’s very simple, just a dot with some words in it. Only two colors. No 3-D effects. Yet it is much more effective than any of the previous SLP entries.

The second logo on the right is an attempt to toughen up the image of the Poca Dots. You have to admit, it’s not exactly a frightening nickname. Something had to be done, the football team wasn’t going to put up with it anymore. So this psycho looking dot was born. It’s looks so ridiculous that it works perfectly in comparison to the classic logo.

If you love the Poca Dots then you are in luck. They have perhaps the most extensive collection of merchandise of any high school team I’ve ever seen. I can’t tell if the person who sells this stuff is even connected to the school or if the school gets anything from the sale of this merchandise, but just in case you want a Dots thong, they have it.

They sure do love their Dots in Poca and so do we here at SLP. You better fear the Dots fool!

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