>Atlantic City Boardwalk Bullies


Say goodbye to the Bullies. “Bye, bye… see ya…adios…get the heck out of here… don’t call us, we’ll call you.” See, didn’t that feel good to finally bully the Bullies. Well that’s what folks in Atlantic City are doing right now. Well not quite, most people probably don’t care given the fact that they barely drew anybody to games in the first place but at least you feel like a big man now.

The Atlantic City Boardwalk Bullies of the ECHL are on their way to Stockton next season leaving behind this pretty lame logo and one of the country’s best looking arenas, Historic Boardwalk Hall, also the home of the Miss America Pageant every year. This should come as no surprise. All of the casino cities (AC, Las Vegas, Reno) have been a virtual wasteland of failed franchises, why would the Boardwalk Bullies be any different?

But today isn’t a day to make fun of the Bullies and their miscalculation about whether or not hockey would work in Atlantic City. Nope, today is a day to chronicle the passing of yet another franchise and it’s logo, albeit a weak effort.

Teal and Purple? Really, nothing says bully like teal and purple. I mean, I know I’m shaking in my boots. It may work from time to time on the evening gowns and swimsuits of the building’s other tenant but it just ain’t happening for poor Wooly, the team’s mascot. Instead of looking tough, Wooly looks like he might have to run and hide from a bully picking on him. “Give me your lunch money Wooly,” shouts one mean ass seven year-old girl. “Or I’ll beat you with your own hockey stick you teal wearing mutha!”

Maybe they should have used her as their mascot instead.

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