>Battle of the Week

>I’m proud to announce the winner of the first Sports Logo Pundit Battle of the Week is….The Philadelphia Eagles!!!! Actually, “They Both Blow” came out on top with nine whole votes (thanks to the few of you who took the time to voice your opinion), while Philly was right behind with eight votes. The sorry ass Patriots came in dead last with a lousy three votes. You may have won the Super Bowl but your dynasty was squashed during the first Battle of the Week.

Week two of the Battle of the Week gets underway today with a very touchy subject here in Seattle. Which Huskies logo is better? Is it the old classic logo (shown at the top) or is it the new, sleek looking Husky (on the bottom). I actually prefer the new logo, which has been called by many people a weasel. But I have always thought that the old logo made the husky kind of look like a clown. But then again, what do I know.

Please vote…even if you are here for only the 30 seconds it takes to skip past my blog. I would appreciate it. Besides this is serious stuff. I take it way too personally. Please don’t make me cry!

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