>I Can’t Hear You Now Oregon!


Ok, I just have to say something. It’s driving me crazy. This post is going up on both the Sports Logo Pundit and Down With Pants!

Oh boy, that felt good! My Washington Huskies hoop team went down to Eugene tonight and came back from what looked like imminent defeat and beat the Ducks in overtime 95-88. Will Conroy was awesome at the end of regulation and in overtime including hitting a three pointer to tie the game with less that 30 seconds left. He was absolutely incredible.

The entire game all you could hear was those idiot University of Oregon fans flapping their gums. Gary Coleman this, Gary Coleman that. Well Gary Coleman had 24 points in your eye and is laughing his ass off all the way home right now. He should have thrown down a huge dunk at the end just for old times sake.

How do you like the season sweep? God I hope the Huskies get another shot at them in the Pac-10 tournament. I’d love to see the Ducks go 0-for-3. That might finally shut up those Nike wearing, ugly uniform wearing, Prefontaine loving sons of bitches.
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