>Battle of the Week – #3


Well, it looks like the majority of you preferred the old Washington Huskies logo in this past week’s Battle of the Week. That’s pretty much the consensus up here in Seattle as well especially amongst hardcore Husky fans. You see, the old Husky is related closely to the great times that the Huskies had, mainly in football, during the 80’s and early 90’s. The new logo, or the “weasel” as some people call it, is associated with the disastrous times of Rick Neuheisel for football. I still like the new logo better and always will, but I see everybody’s point.

Now on to this week. In the Battle of the Week – $3, we have a showdown between the new Potomac Nationals logo and the old Potomac Cannons logo. The Cannons recently announced that they are changing their name to the Nationals, bucking the trend of moving away from having the same name as your parent club. Rarely do you see a team ditch a unique moniker for their parent team’s logo in baseball nowadays.

But in this situation, it makes perfect sense. The Potomac team is located very close to their parent club, the Washington Nationals and it’s a great way to feed off of the excitement that the Nationals are bringing to the area. When the Nationals were in Montreal, you couldn’t blame the team if they never even mentioned that they were an Expo’s affiliate. Now they can be somewhat proud of their parent even if their team is still going to pretty much suck.

All that being said, I’m going to miss that happy little cannonball. I always had a bit of fondness for that logo despite it’s cheesiness. Plus, if the Nationals turn into a joke, the same way the Expo’s always did, what will the effect on this team be?

So please vote and let me know what you think. What will it be. The new serious Potomac Nationals logo or the happy go lucky Potomac Cannons logo?
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