>Real Salt Lake


Real Salt Lake? Real Salt Lake? I just keep asking myself the same question over and over again. Real Salt Lake? Does it make any sense?

The newest member of Major League Soccer shares it’s name with one of the most successful soccer franchises in the world, Real Madrid. That’s in Spain which is a country that actually uses words like “real” (pronounced ree-all, which means royal, hence the crown over the “e”).

I know that there are a ton of Spanish speaking residents in Salt Lake and the game of soccer is hugely popular in the area. Plus, soccer fans love the tradition of soccer and follow the European game closely. But this is really a reach and a slap in the face of European teams that actually have tradition. It’s like starting a minor league baseball team in say Biloxi, Mississippi and calling them the Yankees. Just because it’s traditional doesn’t make it a good idea.

What’s next? I’ve heard that the MLS is going to expanded up here to the lovely Pacific Northwest. I have some great team name ideas for them if the do…
  • Gold Bar FC
  • Club Deportivos Tillicum
  • Sea-Tac United
  • Real Forks
  • AC Walla Walla
  • Manchester United – Concrete
  • AC Real Club Deportivos Soap Lake United

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