>Bucknell Bison


Continuing with our “Who Are These Schools?” series, today we look at the team who shocked #3 seed Kansas 64-63 Friday night, the #14th seeded Bucknell Bison. It was the first ever tournament win for the Lewisburg, Pennsylvania school and the first ever win for a Patriot League team in the NCAA Tournament.

Founded in 1846, Bucknell is one of the most prestigious colleges in the country according to it’s website and it’s athletic programs historically rank as some of the best academically. Only about 3,500 students attend Bucknell making it one of the smallest schools in the tournament.

For a very old college that supposedly is so darn good it has very little about it’s history on the website and virtually nothing about it’s athletic history so even I can’t tell you that much about Bucknell. Oh well, I did learn that the Gilmore Girl’s (one of my favorite shows. I know, I’m kind of a wuss) Edward Herrmann is a 1965 graduate of Bucknell.

Their logo isn’t too bad for what it’s worth. It’s one of those new fangled logos that looks very impersonal but it isn’t objectionable. It’s nice and colorful and looks good and fierce. They haven’t been using this logo for very long and I’d be willing to bet that they had a great looking classic logo before trying to spice it up with this action Bison but I couldn’t find any info about anything on their website so what can I tell you.

I did learn their fight song though. It’s pretty simple so you can sing along at home while rooting for them to beat #6 seeded Wisconsin on Sunday…

‘Ray Bucknell, ‘Ray Bucknell, ‘Ray for the orange and blue;
‘Ray, ‘Ray, ‘Ray, ‘Ray, ‘Ray for the orange and blue!

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