>Welcome Rollergirls!


I was going to change the Battle of the Week since it’s been up nearly two weeks now (and nobody was voting) but somebody over at the Rat City Rollergirls must have seen the battle because I’m getting all kinds of hits from their website and a ton of votes in the battle (It must have been somebody from the Throttle Rockets because they have suddenly shot into the lead). So I’m going to keep it up for one more week and finally change it on Monday next week.

To the Rollergirls: Congratulations on the opening bout! Sounds like it was incredible. I wish I could have been there. But I have a serious question. The article in the PI said you sold 600 tickets to the match. I’ve been to the Southgate Roller Rink and we were amazed at how small that place was. How in the world did 600 people fit in there? Anway, keep up the good work and thanks for visiting!

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