>Battle of the Week (Or Three)


Voting has finally closed (after three weeks) on which Rat City Rollergirl team has the best logo. And the winner is….with 142 votes….Grave Danger! Of course I have heard rumblings about some voting irregularities and possible fraud but this isn’t a Washington State Governors election, there will be no recount. The wrong candidate may have won this time around, depending on how you look at it.

Proving that I’m not above pandering, this week’s Battle of the Week is “Which Roller Derby League Has The Best Logo?” I narrowed the field down to six possible contestants and came to realize that the Rat City logo is far and away the best logo currently in Roller Derby. So I eliminated it from contention. It is in another league altogether.

So instead we have five worthy contestants and they are (from top to bottom): Gotham City Roller Derby, Dallas Derby Devils, Rose City Rollers, Rocky Mountain Rollergirls and the Atlanta Rollergirls. Voting will be open for a week (or more, depending on how lazy I get).

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