>Battle of the Week – New NFL Jerseys


First of all, I want to thank Frinklin and Rocket Jones for giving me a mention and a link on their fine blogs – Thanks guys, your support is greatly appreciated!

Next I want to thank everybody who voted in the last Battle. The Rose City Rollers dominated. Hooray for the Northwest for spawning the two best logos of all the Roller Derby leagues nationwide.

Finally, again I want to thank Frinklin for pointing out that the Detroit Lions have committed a crime against football by introducing a black alternate jersey to be used this season. They had gone away from their classic jerseys either last year or the year before but now have taken it to a new level of merchandising hell. Add that slap to the awful new uniforms that the Arizona Cardinals introduced the other day and overall it was a bad week for NFL traditionalists everywhere.

Which begs the question…Which NFL team, Detroit or Arizona, committed the biggest atrocity with their new jersey design? Voting is now open on the right hand side of the page so please vote early and often.

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