>RIP: Bangor Lumberjacks


The Bangor Lumberjacks are no more. Yep you heard it here first (that’s a big lie, the story is over a week old, I’m just really slow). In an attempt to chronicle the passing of franchises and to preserve their logos I bring you the Lumberjacks logo above. In the grand scheme of things it’s not that memorable of a logo. But at the very least it is a lot of fun and I’m sure was well liked by their fans.

Personally I’m very sad to see the Lumberjacks shut down. Their previous incarnation, the Adirondack Lumberjacks, were our fiercest rival when I worked for the Elmira Pioneers. Les Lancaster and the rest of those guys just rubbed everybody from the players to the coaches to the owners to the front staff the wrong way for some reason.

But it was always fun to have them come into town. We all shared a weird bond that was unexplainable. It just meant more when we played them. Plus I love their logo. It’s one of my all time favorites. It’s so clean and simple and looks great on a cap (I have two of them)…but I digress.

Now the Can-Am League is left on very unstable ground again. I’d be willing to say that there is only one, maybe two teams that are solid (Brockton and maybe North Shore). New Jersey and Quebec have good ownership but both have seen their attendance dwindle over the years. Elmira is in danger of losing the funding for historic Dunn Field and always seems to be on the verge of going under. New Haven barely drew 1,000 fans last year to Yale Field and Worcester is an expansion team playing in a very small collegiate ballpark.

These questions don’t bode well for the Can-Am League’s future. They have solid leadership and should be able to survive but only time will tell. If things go really poorly this very well could be the last season for the Northeast/Northern/Northeast/Can-Am League. I sure hope I don’t have to write one of these obituaries for them next year.

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