>Aloha and Mahalo!


Aloha everybody! Thanks for your patience while I got married last weekend and basked in the hot Maui sunshine during my honeymoon. It was an incredible wedding and the best vacation I’ve ever been on. It’s hard to go back to work and hard to bring myself to sit at a computer and write on my blogs but I guess that it’s time we fired this bad boy up again.

Also, thanks to Frinklin for volunteering to write a couple of guest blogs. Unfortunately I missed his email and never got it set up. I’m moving to California in a couple of weeks and I’ll probably ask him to do some writing when I’m away from the computer for the week or so it will take me to pack up and get down there.

As far as the SLP goes, I’ve decided to revamp the content a bit. I started this blog with the intention of randomly picking a logo everyday and quickly reviewing it. But I got sidetracked and started reporting news about logos and writing long winded stories and whatnot. Suddenly I ran out of things to say and totally lost the focus.

My goal for the next couple of weeks and hopefully beyond is to do what I wanted to originally do. So look for more quick reviews of random logos rather than just news stories. Hopefully I can find time on a daily basis to do this and I swear I will try my best to write more often than I have been. You can expect a new review sometime tonight!

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