>NLL Dance Teams


I think one of the funniest things about Arena Football League teams or, in this case, the National Lacrosse League teams, is the names of their dance teams. They are always so cheesy, kind of like the cheer squads themselves. In the AFL the best example I can think of is the San Jose Saberkittens. How demeaning and lame is that? On the other hand they are cheerleading for an Arena Football League team so how much pride do they have in the first place?

The NLL has some pretty lame ones. Nothing like just slapping an -ette at the end of a word or implying that they really are just a bunch of groupies. I guess I was also surprised to see that the NLL even had dance teams. I guess you have to do something at these games. Anyway, here’s a quick list of the NLL Dance Teams…

Storm Chasers – Anaheim Storm
Stingettes – Arizona Sting
Bandettes – Buffalo Bandits – Personally I think they should be called the Band Aids
Drill Crew – Calgary Roughnecks – Ladies, don’t let the players start their own “drill crew”
Wild Bunch – Colorado Mammoths
Swarm Performance Team – Minnesota Swarm – Yawn. I was hoping for “The Queen Bees”
Knightingales – Rochester Knighthawks
Hot Rocks – Toronto Rock – What? The Rockettes was already taken?

None of these are as bad as the NBA’s Indiana Pacer’s dance team, the Pacemates. At that point you might as well just call them “the bunch of chicks we hired to dress in skimpy outfits and parade around for you to ogle but only get paid a little above minimum wage who might start banging the players at any time.”

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