>Arkansas ArchAngels


There is yet another entry into the already crowded minor league basketball arena. Currently located in the deep south the WBA started play in the 2003 season and now has 12 teams spread from Elizabethtown, Kentucky to Biloxi Mississippi and has plans to expand to the Upper Midwest and the West Coast in the next two years (like every other minor league basketball leagues).

The WBA’s Little Rock based Arkansas ArchAngels have one of the weirdest logos I have ever seen. At least it’s an original concept, I guess. I can’t think of any other team that has a comic book character-esque figure as their logo other than that weird dude on the Golden State Warriors logo a couple of years ago.

But I need some help from my readers. I’ve been searching online to see if this logo is a rip off of a real comic book character or if it is actually original artwork. It looks to me like the basketball and the lettering are photoshopped into someone else’s artwork. The body of the ArchAngel is very detailed and animated but the lettering and the basketball are really sloppy and flat. They just don’t go together.

So if there are any comic book nerds in the audience, please stand up and let your voice be heard. Is this “ArchAngel” an imposter or is he the real deal?

The only thing I know is that ArchAngel’s camel toe sure is real. Yuck!

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