>McMillan a Blazer???


So Nate McMillan is leaving the Seattle Supersonics for the Portland Trailblazers huh? Well this puts the final nail in the coffin for me being a Sonics fan. I have been a life long Sonics supporter even working for them part time for two years but I lost interest in them last season despite the fact that they were really good. I only watched a few minutes of their playoff run. Nate McMillan was one of the few things that I really liked about the Supes over the past few years, and now he’s gone and Flip Saunders just isn’t going to do it for me.

Now Nate is heading to Portland and I feel like there must be something else going on in that organization to make him head to the hated Blazers. I doubt it was just the money. Nate never seemed like someone who would make a decision purely based on a paycheck (although, until now he probably was never in that kind of position). There had to have been some kind of power struggle involved that would sour the relationship enough that Nate would head to the Sonics rival essentially slapping everyone involved right in the kisser.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, the money was probably the clincher. The Sonics offer sounded good, but you can’t fault a guy for taking the kind of money that the Blazers are giving him. Just like I thought it was stupid for Mariner fans to hate Alex Rodriguez for taking the largest contract in baseball history. You can’t turn that down. It’s not possible. And like I said, you can’t fault the Sonics for not offering him good money, because it sounds like they did.

What you can fault the Sonics for is their waiting too damn long to do anything and my personal feeling that there is a mighty power struggle in the heart of this operation that made Nate want to shove it in the face of Howard Schultz, Wally Walker and Rick Sund. Either way, the Sonics and most of the NBA are now officially dead to me. Although I will have to keep an eye on the Blazers now.

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