>Hockey is Back!


I disagree with most people, I think hockey will be fine. In the cities that it currently exists the hockey fans have been patiently waiting and they will return. Those fans are the core of what hockey had before the lockout and they are rabid and will be back. Hockey fans are a little different than fans of other sports because many of them live and breathe nothing but hockey, even in cities like San Jose and Los Angeles. In cities that don’t have hockey it will struggle to interest even rabid sports fans but hockey struggled to interest those people before the lockout.

For me I would watch solely for one reason. Don Cherry will be back on Hockey Night in Canada. He is worth the price of admission alone sometimes. I didn’t miss the games so much last year as much as I missed his crazy ass. Unfortunately I have moved to California and we no longer get the CBC so I’ll have to find another excuse. Thankfully I live much closer to a NHL franchise than I ever have before so getting to a game will be much easier.

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