>Portland LumberJax

The newest member of the rapidly expanding National Lacrosse League picked their nickname last week. The Portland LumberJax join the NLL in 2006 and will play their home games at the Rose Garden and hope to capitalize on what many people think is the fastest growing sport in popularity.

I was going to review this logo but I don’t feel like I could sum up how I feel about it any better than this less than excited article from the Oregonian’s Norm Maves Jr.:

With about all the fanfare it could muster on a lazy summer day, the city’s newest professional team announced its nickname, colors and logo Tuesday:

All hail the Portland LumberJax of the National Lacrosse League.

Honestly, now. Did you really think Shadow or Fear had a ghost of a chance in a city in which just about everything has a river, tree, weather or pioneer theme of some kind?

Apparently the voters for the fan-selected name didn’t think so, either. The club, which will play its inaugural season beginning in January, got 3,067 entries for the contest, then narrowed it down to those three.

In the final voting, LumberJax got 46 percent of the vote, Shadow got 32 and Fear got 23.

The club picked black and gold for its colors and designed a logo that features a guy in the predictable checkered shirt who is badly in need of a shave and a sedative.

As a final touch, the LumberJax signed up as a corporate member of their new favorite charity, to which they will donate a percentage of season ticket sales.

The World Forestry Center. Well, duh.

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