>St. Joe Blacksnakes


On Friday the brand new St. Joseph, Missouri entry in the independent American Association announced their nickname and introduced their logos and uniforms. The St. Joe Blacksnakes will take the field on May 19th, and if the picture above is accurate, they might wear the worst uniform in the history of baseball.

First of all, I love the name. It is a great example of a name that is both historically meaningful and extremely marketable. The nickname Blacksnakes comes from the Blacksnake Hills Trading Post which was founded in the early 1800’s and later became the city of St. Joseph. Obviously, the name has more than one meaning and the second half of the meaning, snakes, is presented prominently in the logo and on the jerseys.

Three of these jerseys look fine. You can kind of make out what looks like a really nice SJ snake logo on the white jersey on the right (no logo was available online as of this evening) and you can get a feel for what their road jerseys will look like, for better or for worse – the gray shirt with white pants combination is definitely different.

But take a look at the white jersey in the middle with the snakes slithering down the front. What is that? That’s not a baseball jersey, that’s a really cheap t-shirt you buy at a zoo. You wouldn’t even see a slow-pitch softball team wear a jersey that lame. Let’s hope that this is a picture of the rejected jersey designs and the Blacksnakes will sport a more traditional look on the field to match their smart and classy nickname.

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