>Tonight I Hate College Basketball


No other sport makes me happier than college basketball, and no other sport makes me more upset than college basketball.

Last week I was higher than a kite with both my Washington Huskies and the Gonzaga Bulldogs pulling off big wins on my birthday. Tonight, my bipolar relationship with college basketball swung the other way after watching the Zags blow it down the stretch.

The Huskies are still alive, so I could swing back the other way tomorrow night, but I’m not sure if I can take another close game like that. I’m not quite at rock bottom, but another heartbreaker could easily send me there.

By the way, the above picture is one of the saddest picture that I have seen in years. Nothing makes me more upset than seeing anyone from Los Angeles happy, especially at the expense of us Washingtonians. We Washingtonians are better than anybody from Los Angeles, even if our teams lose to them, and I still would rather go home to Spokanistan, Olympia or even Othello than have to live in the cesspool that is LA.

Fuck UCLA, fuck LA and fuck California. Yeah, I said it.

While we’re at it, fuck Connecticut. Go Dawgs!

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One Response to >Tonight I Hate College Basketball

  1. ozymandiaz says:

    >Don’t you worry, The Mighty Gators will dispatch those Bruins if LSU doesn’t do it first.

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