>2006 Sitcom Tournament – Round 2


Not wanting to have this buried over at Down With Pants! by my Lost Blogs posts, I have decided to move the 2006 Sitcom Tourney – Round 2 coverage over here for the time being. My vote is in gold, who they beat in the first round is in parentheses.

The Jeffersons (Married, With Children) vs. The Andy Griffith Show (Coach) – The Andy Griffith Show

Cheers (Ellen) vs. Gilligan’s Island (Mad About You) – Easy victories in the first round for these two, but Gilligan will should lose steam in round two – My vote: Cheers

I Love Lucy (Two and a Half Men) vs. I Dream of Jeanie (Will and Grace) –
Two tough broads come to blows in this game, but Lucy is the one with the magic – My vote: I Love Lucy

The Dick Van Dyke Show (The Fresh Prince) vs. Family Ties (Get Smart) – A surprising easy win for Dick Van Dyke in round one. Should breeze through in round two – My vote: The Dick Van Dyke Show

WKRP in Cincinnati (Murphy Brown) vs. Happy Days (Facts of Life) – Happy Days

All in the Family (Addams Family) vs. Three’s Company (Roseanne) – Three’s Company somehow knocked off Roseanne. I think Roseanne was robbed. Maybe remaining sentiment from Don Knotts passing away clouded the judgement of the judges. Three’s Company sadly could move on against a weakened All In The Family – My vote: All In The Family

One Day at a Time (Home Improvement) vs. The Honeymooners (Night Court) – The Honeymooners

Sex and the City (Leave It To Beaver) vs. The Cosby Show (Petticote Junction) – The Cosby Show

Seinfeld (Malcolm In The Middle) vs. Diff’rent Strokes (Who’s The Boss) – Gary Coleman is creepy. But then again, so if Jerry – My vote: Seinfeld

Golden Girls vs. The Brady Bunch The Brady Bunch survived in the face of a ton of anti-Brady sentiment. They should bury these old bags – My vote: The Brady Bunch

Laverne & Shirley (Charles In Charge) vs. Sanford & Son (Full House) – Sanford & Son

Friends (Alice) vs. Newhart (Bewitched) – God I hate the Friends – My vote: Newhart

Welcome Back, Kotter (Everybody Loves Raymond) vs. M*A*S*H (Mork & Mindy) – M*A*S*H

Mary Tyler Moore (Curb Your Enthusiasm) vs. The Odd Couple (Father Knows Best) – Easily the premier matchup of the first round. What a barnburner this should be – My vote: The Odd Couple

Designing Women (Beverly Hillbillies) vs. Taxi (Good Times) – Taxi

Frasier (What’s Happening) vs. Barney Miller (Spin City) – Frasier

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One Response to >2006 Sitcom Tournament – Round 2

  1. Omnivore says:

    >My “two cents:”Jeffersons/Andy — Tough one. I like The Jeffersons. I think their ‘highs’ were ‘higher’ than Andy’s. But they’re both classic.Cheers/Gilligan — No contest. Gilligan is far too goofy to rival the intelligent, multi-dimensional and venerable Cheers.Lucy/Jeannie — Oldies but goodies. I like Lucy a tad more.Dyke/Ties — DVD holds up well today. But some of the Family Ties episodes were downright hilarious, esp. the early ones. So I’m voting Ties.WKRP/Happy Days — Like ’em both. WKRP really nailed it more than once (think ‘Turkey Drop’ or ‘Real Families’). Happy Days “Jumped the Shark” toward the end (hence the now infamous term to describe the point of a sitcom’s demise). WKRP!Family/Company — 3’s Company is under-rated in a lot of ways. It was more than just slapstick sexual innuendo. But AITF was so groundbreaking and downright hilarious at times, I’ve got to go with them.One Day/Honeymooners — No contest, in my book. Honeymooners is still great. One Day at a Time looks dated.Sex/Cosby — Risque vs. Wholesome. Early Cosby was some of the best 80s sitcom material. Sex in the City was like watching the same episode for 6 seasons. I like the legendary Cosby and family.Seinfeld/Strokes — Seinfeld stayed pretty strong throughout its run, Diff’rent Strokes hung on by a thread, and a very thin one at that. So I had to judge the show by its entire body of work. Seinfeld!Golden/Brady — IMO, The Brady Bunch is highly over-rated. Golden Girls, although a show targeted far from my demographic, is well-written and actually very funny. Golden Girls get my vote.Laverne/Sanford — Comedy duos duel. I like the irreverent humor of S&S over the wacky L&S.Friends/Newhart — Friends is not bad, but not legendary. Bob Newhart is one of the best comics of all-time. And his ensemble cast of off-beat characters was like Seinfeld before there was Seinfeld. Newhart!Kotter/M.A.S.H. — Kotter had its laughs, but was one-dimensional. M.A.S.H. produced great stories and comedy over 11 seasons. I like M.A.S.H. in this one.MTM/Odd — Maybe the toughest one for me to judge in this round. I had to go with the great duo of Felix and Oscar, but barely, over the great crew on MTM. Women/Taxi — Taxi has such a great cast. Designing women wasn’t bad. But, c’mon, Taxi still has me on the floor laughing sometimes.Frasier/Barney — Yes, Frasier is an intelligent and formidable comedy. But the guys at the precinct on Barney Miller were just brilliant. So I’m going with Barney Miller here.

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