>Manchester United


In honor of my new renter for this week, Manchester United Era (a solid source of information for all things Manchester United), I have declared today, Man U Day here at The Sports Logo Pundit. You may be asking yourself, “just how does The SLP celebrate Man U Day?” Very good question! Like every other day here at The SLP, we celebrate by tearing the Man U logo a new one.

Manchester United’s logo blows goats big ti…No, no, no, wait a minute. Man U’s logo kicks ass! I mean, the devil is featured quite prominently, although his giddiness kind of puts me off a little bit – that is one happy Satan. There is a ship (maybe a schooner?) dropped into the logo, and in case you didn’t know which sport Man U played, there are a couple of soccer balls thrown in for good measure.

This logo pretty much has it all. The devil rocks, the ship is sweet, The colors are bold and interesting, the feel of the logo is very state-of-the-art, but it still retains a classic coat-of-arms look. It’s simple, it’s understated, and yet it conveys so much and is recognizable throughout the world. It might be as close to a perfect logo as you can get.

Now, I will admit, I am totally and completely ignorant regarding the history of the Man U logo, what the devil and the ship signify, or why the Dark Lord is so cheery. So I call upon our friend over at Manchester United Era to ask if he can give us a little bit of background into this incredible logo.

I think it’s the least he can do for ruining the Man U Day celebration I had planned.

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One Response to >Manchester United

  1. Nuruddeen710 says:

    >Man utd day? hehe..nice. Ive been supporting united ever since and i never think of having a united day. Not untill today. Glory united!!theresonlyoneunited.blogspot.com

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