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One of my favorite trends in baseball is the emergence of the collegiate wood bat teams and their desire to become a part of their community and actually draw crowds to their games. Around the country, owners are realizing that with just a little bit of effort and not that large of a financial investment, they can dramatically increase their attendance and basically cover their costs while providing affordable, family entertainment in markets and ballparks that aren’t up to standards set by independent leagues let alone the Minor Leagues. Recent success stories include the Wenatchee Applesox, the Madison Mallards and the La Crosse Loggers.

This season the Sikeston Bulls of the KIT League are hoping that with a little bit of investment, they too could join that list of successes. Last season, under different ownership, Sikeston played host to the Bootheel Bombers, a team that operated under the long standing tradition amongst summer wood-bat leagues of just opening the gates and hoping someone will come.

Obviously, this didn’t work out too well and the team was sold to a group willing to do a little more. They hired a general manager with Minor League baseball experience, they changed the name of the team and introduced a new logo that both capitalizes on an already familiar brand in Sikeston, the Bootheel Rodeo, and creates an eye-catching brand unique to the Bulls.

I love this logo for many different reasons. First of all, I think it’s great that a team this small recognizes that branding is one of the most important things you can do when trying to establish a new direction for a team. If they just trotted out some retread logo designed on the cheap that doesn’t look professional, who would take them seriously? What changed?

Luckily the Bulls recognized their opportunity and went with a logo that perfectly balances a simple, classic style with modern, digital design. The bull is a great example. It is very detailed and striking, obviously designed on a computer. But it doesn’t go for the throat by being overly animated like you see in many similarly designed logos.

The “Bulls” script is pretty basic with the horns on the ends for good measure. It’s nothing new but it does stand out and will look great on a jersey. But my personal favorite element is the simple “Sikeston” script. It’s a script that you rarely see anymore, but was used quite often on jerseys in the 40’s and 50’s.

But the “Sikeston” script works on another level. This is going to sound funny, because now I’m getting into kind of an art appreciation technical mode that I am not used to, but when I see this logo I immediately look at the “Sikeston” and then my eyes spread out and take in the rest of the logo. So when I look at it, I get the Sikeston Bulls right away, where with other logos I would just get the Bulls or the funny looking cows or whatever. Technically, it is extremely well designed.

So kudos go out to the Sikeston Bulls for having the vision to take the old Bombers and attempt to build them into something that the community will support and can be proud of. They have taken all the right steps including selecting a beautifully designed logo, and The Sports Logo Pundit would like to wish them wild success when their season opens on June 1st when they host the Farmington Firebirds at VFW Memorial Stadium. Go Bulls!

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