>Bakersfield Jam


First of all, go visit my new renter, Recommended. Like the title says, you will probably be recommended something pretty great. So go, find something new. Now, onto the “content”…

We go from a great logo, presumably designed on the cheap by a team (Sikeston Bulls) with limited resources, to a team (The Bakersfield Jam) that should have a multitude of resources who have given the world an ugly, unoriginal, snoozer of a logo.

admittedly, the D-League has changed. The Bakersfield Jam probably aren’t getting any kind of help from the NBA in developing their logo like previous teams did. But still, you would think that the NBA would have some kind of influence on the work or, at least, the pressure would be on the Jam to develop a more interesting and marketable logo.

But this is the ultimate in throwaway logos. It looks more like a design for a local basketball tournament (maybe the Bakersfield 3-on-3 Jam) than for a professional basketball team. It’s one of those generic logos that you could easily change the city name if need be and it would still work.

If the Jam ever decide to abandon Bakersfield and move back to Long Beach, they will be set, and the citizens of Bakersfield will be left with the memories of a basketball team and a logo that they can’t seem to remember.

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