>New York Titans


They keep telling us that lacrosse is growing exponentially in popularity. Both the indoor game and the outdoor game are expanding rapidly trying to capitalize on the phenomenon. This expansion will test whether or not this is something sustainable or just a fad, like the Major Indoor Soccer League in the 80’s.

The indoor National Lacrosse League is bringing their game to the big city expanding to both Chicago and New York for the upcoming season. The Chicago Shamrox will be playing in suburban Hoffman Estates in a the brand spanking new Sears Centre. They should see immediate success playing on the novelty of a new arena and a new team and should sustain that success until the shine wears off.

However, the New York Titans will be splitting time between Madison Square Garden and Nassau Coliseum on Long Island, hardly the way to build a fan base. The two crowds will probably be completely different. The Titans are banking that there are enough lacrosse fans in both Manhattan and Long Island to fill both arenas.

It doesn’t help that the team has a head scratcher of a logo. At first I really liked it, the “T” worked in as the opening of the helmet is pretty clever and it looks very ominous. But the more I look at it, the less I identify it as a helmet, even though I know what it’s supposed to be. Now that I know that the opening is a “T”, it’s all I can focus on. The rest of the helmet just looks like a blob surrounding the “T”. And the wordmark doesn’t work for me at all. The T’s look like a smaller font making the “TIT” look weak. The “ANS” looks huge and it dominates the word mark.

If there is one place in this country that a lacrosse team splitting their time between two arenas could work, New York is it. But with only four games at each arena, will anybody really care about the team or will it be treated simply as a novelty. Will there be anybody screaming “GO titANS!!”?

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2 Responses to >New York Titans

  1. kapgar says:

    >I agree with you on the Titans stuff. But that Shamrox (despite the funky name) logo is kinda cool. Never heard word one about them here in Chicago. And I don’t live all that far from Hoffmann Estates either. May have to get a hat just to have something for the bars next St. Pat’s Day.

  2. B.C. says:

    >I sure hope that fans won’t yell, “Go Tit-ANS!” Hide the children and cover their ears…Seriously, I like the logo pretty well – it’s much better than anything the hacks at the ABA have put out – but it surprises me that the NFL never trademarked “New York Titans”. Given that it was the original name of the Jets, and the NFL is anal about just about everything that makes them money, you’d think they’d have protected it.

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