>Whiskey Chimp


Here is a great example of what an awesome logo can do for a team or in this case a band.

A couple days ago I was flipping through our local weekly rag, The VC Reporter. I wasn’t really paying attention, just browsing quickly when, in passing, I noticed a fiddle playing monkey. I did a double take and flipped back to the page and found the above logo accompanying an ad for their CD release party.

What could be better? I like whiskey and I like chimps and after visiting their website, which was smartly included in the advertisement for their show, I now like Whiskey Chimp. I’m planning on going to their CD release party on Saturday, September 23rd at the Ventura County Church of Religious Science (according to them, they rented the performance hall, not the religion) where they will be performing songs from their new album Ventura. I hope to pick up a CD and a t-shirt featuring my new favorite band name and logo while enjoying their sincere brand of Ventura bluegrass.

Actually, my favorite band name ever is Seattle’s Raft of Dead Monkeys, do you see a trend here? Sadly, their music wasn’t all that good and they never had a kickass logo like Whiskey Chimp.

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One Response to >Whiskey Chimp

  1. Keith says:

    >It’s called “Branding?”…Not sure tho…

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