>Memorial Coliseum – USC Football


The Sports Logo Pundit Department of Everything Washington Huskies took it’s show on the road to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum to see the Dawgs almost knock off the numbers three team in the nation. Yes, I said almost knock them off, I was surprised too. It was one hell of a game but the Huskies got jobbed and weren’t able to get a last play off. I’m not saying that they would have scored and won the game, but they should have had a shot. Luckily for USC, they got the benefit of the home clock.

Anyway, I digress. We surprisingly had a great time. With tickets in a primarily USC section, I prepared for the worst going into the game: rude, maybe dangerous fans fueled by massive amounts of alcohol and a serious whooping. But we were pleasantly surprised that almost everybody was friendly. Sure we got some good natured ribbing and some boos, but overall, it was very relaxed and cool.

There isn’t anything related to sports logos here today, just some photos of the Memorial Coliseum experience.

Tommy Trojan, the Song Girls and the band marching into the stadium.

The view from our seats. Row 85. Not too bad, you could see plays open up really well. By the way, the Coliseum isn’t really pink. My camera freaked out or something, I’m not sure why everything white is pink. Weird.

Me outside the Coliseum after the game. The Coliseum is kind of dumpy, but the Olympic entrance is spectacular.

Exposition Park surrounds the Coliseum and is incredible. This is the Rose Garden and the Natural History Museum just outside of the stadium.

El Tepeyac is nowhere near the stadium, but it’s delicious and worth the drive after the game. Humongous burritos and tons of USC fans giving us the business. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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