>Texas Tornado


Does a junior hockey league team lose something when it’s owned and operated by a big, important sports marketing firm that comes complete with their own Pyramid? Perhaps it does lose some of it’s independent spirit. But what it loses in hometown pride it makes up in shiny, well developed logos!

The Texas Tornado are owned by Schlegel Sports, who also owns the Iowa Stars of the AHL and the Triple-A Tacoma Rainiers baseball team. They play their home games at the same facility that houses the Dallas Stars practice arena and have close ties to Hicks Sports. The Tornado are well financed, well connected and have been uber-successful since their inception in 1999.

The logo is simple, especially for a Texas based team, and does an excellent job of working in the Stars theme without being called the Junior Stars. The color scheme is unique in that it features only two colors other than white, which again is a major coup for a Texas team especially since those two colors aren’t red and white.

My only complaint is that they are the Tornado and not the Tornadoes. It’s a totally different connotation without the “es”. Although after typing Tornadoes, I can see why.

Team: Texas Tornado
League: NAHL – National Champions 2001, 2004, 2005 and 2006
Location: Frisco, Texas
Arena: Dr. Pepper StarCenter
Online Store: Decent logo, ugly jerseys for sale.

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One Response to >Texas Tornado

  1. Mark True says:

    >Brandon:I agree with your comments. You’ve had a run of some pretty lousy logos in the past month or so and this one stands out for its polished look. The bold lines are common in a lot of recent logos, but that’s because they work.I really like the color choice and the fact that the team steered clear of the Texas cliches so often embraced by teams in the lone star state (although I’ve liked that Texans logo since day one!). It’s nicely balanced and relatively simple…and it can be broken into parts and used separately…as an icon, as a logotype or together.Thanks for sharing it with us.-Mark

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