>San Diego Shockwave


Congratulations to the NIFL for adding a franchise to their league that actually has itself an owner, a place to play and a correctly spelled logo. The San Diego Shockwave will take to the field at San Diego State’s Cox Arena this spring. They take over the city’s indoor football niche after the San Diego Riptide of af2 folded after the 2005 season.

The owners are very excited to own this franchise and it looks like they are taking it seriously and sincerely hope to do what they can to make this team successful. I think they are a little delusional – especially after reading them say that “this league has been around for eight years. It’s a very stable league” – but at least they are trying and that seems to be more than the rest of the NIFL. (quote from SignOnSanDiego)

And you have to be encouraged that the Shockwave’s logo isn’t too bad. It isn’t very good either, but the bar has been set so low by the rest of the NIFL’s teams that this jumps all the way to the top as the league’s best logo. I think it is very smart of them to use the colors red, black and white as their color scheme since it matches Cox Arena’s colors. In an arena that is that red inside, anything else would make you look like the visiting team.

I just wonder who they are going to play. I get the feeling that all the money and work that they will put into this team and this season will go for naught as the other new California teams will be unable to field teams and compete. It would be very hard for me to plan an entire season around the Long Beach Muscle Heads and the Pamona/Pomona Cool Riders.

Team: San Diego Shockwave
League: NIFL
Location: On the campus of San Diego State in San Diego, California
Arena: Cox Arena
Cheerleading Squad: The Lady Shakers
Mascot: Coming soon
Online Store: Also coming soon

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