>Brandon Wheat Kings


Brandon, Manitoba. One of the greatest city’s in the world with a wonderful and beautiful name that when spoken, rolls off of the tongue and straight into god’s ears.

And what is the greatest hockey team in whole world? Obviously it’s the Brandon Wheat Kings of the Western Hockey League. Despite the fact that the logo above is an updated version of a Wheat Kings logo used in the 1980’s that nicely ties modern design with that classic, historic look, the Wheat Kings logo has one big problem, or in this case, a little problem. Why in the world is the name of the city so darn small? Shouldn’t the name Brandon be celebrated? Shouldn’t it be gigantic? Personally I would prefer a humongous Brandon script with Wheat Kings relegated to secondary status.

Whatever, I’ll take what I can get. This is the first time in the franchise’s 4o year history that the city name is featured in the primary logo. Maybe the next time they change the logo, Brandon will take over completely. One can only hope.

Team: Brandon Wheat Kings
League: Western Hockey League
Location: Brandon, Manitoba
Arena: Keystone Centre
Mascot: I think he’s named Wheatie
Online Store: You gotta love those jerseys with the wheat stripes

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  1. kapgar says:

    >Wow. It’s a shame you don’t like yourself. Such levels of self loathing are sad in humanity. 😉

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