>Loyola Marymount vs. Gonzaga – Scenes From An Upset


Last night was Big Monday on the campus of Loyola Marymount University when the Lions took on the Gonzaga Bulldogs. Welcome to Gersten Pavilion, also lovingly referred to as Hank’s House after LMU superstar Hank Gathers who sadly passed away on this court in 1990.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a happy trip to LMU since the Zags continued to confuse with their odd lapses in awesomeness, dropping the game 67-61. It was a huge win for the Lions who played one of their best games and now appear to have figured out how to play together without the injured Brandon Worthy. They are going to be a really tough out in the WCC tourney.

Oh well, it was a fun game even if Gonzaga blew it. Here are some scenes from an upset, straight from the depressed side of the arena. Note: I just got a new camera that’s very complicated and I haven’t totally figured it out yet, hence all these blurry photos that actually look kind of cool anyway.

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