>San Antonio Steers


Bad news from the fantasy land that is the National Indoor Football League’s league office: The San Antonio Player Haters are no more.

The single greatest nickname and logo in the history of indoor football has sadly been replaced by the San Antonio Castrated Cows. I’m sorry, I mean the San Antonio Steers – although the San Antonio Castrated Cows does have a nice ring to it and means the same exact thing (thanks for the tip John!).

The Steers logo just doesn’t have the same appeal as the old Player Haters logo did despite their attempts to confuse us with the current green logo that is now featured on the NIFL website (above), an earlier identical logo but in blue, and a totally different blue logo currently featured on the team’s website. All of this unprofessional confusion is good, but it still doesn’t take away the sting of losing that beautiful horse logo.

The good news is that not all is lost, It appears that the testicle challenged bovines will still be calling the San Antanio Rose Palace Eq. Center in San Antonio home. I thought that maybe when they ditched that player hating horse, they would move from their Equestrian Center home field into a county fair barn. But the league is still selling tickets to games at the Equestrian Center against teams like the Fort Worth Sixers, Beaumont Drillers and a mythical Pasadena team and it appears that they have retained the Player Haters logo for the home turf.

And the good news continues, the NIFL is still selling the sweet Player Hater fuschia jerseys for the low, low price of $79.00. Get yours soon because these promise to be one of the most sought after collectibles of all time.

Team: San Antonio Steers
League: National Indoor Football Leauge
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Arena: San Antanio Rose Palace Eq. Center
Online Store: Player Haters Jersey!!!!

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