>Know Your NCAA Tourney Logos – Eastern Kentucky Colonels


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, without a doubt. Championship week and the NCAA Tournament are my Hanukkah and my Christmas all wrapped up into one. I really wanted to do a logo tournament this year, and I still might, but I will be enjoying the first two rounds of the tournament from the Mandalay Bay sports book in Las Vegas far away from my computer so it might be tough. Instead, everyday until I leave for Vegas on Wednesday night, I will introducing you to some of the lesser known NCAA Tournament logos.

Tonight we take a look at the Eastern Kentucky Colonels, who beat top-seeded Austin (Let’s Go) Peay 63-62 to capture the automatic bid out of the Ohio Valley Conference thanks to a floater with 2.9 seconds left by freshman Josh Taylor. They were his only points of the game – you got to love that.

I reviewed their logo two years ago when the Colonels made their first appearance in The Big Dance since 1979. Since then, Travis Ford left to go coach at Massachusetts and EKU decided to “improve” their logo last year and now feature the snarling, angry dude above.

Unfortunately, that means that they ditched the happy Colonel Sanders logo that I was really digging on back in 2005. I don’t think the new logo is a bad design necessarily, although he kind of scares me because I think I know why he is so angry, but I loved their old logo. It was a nice throwback without being exceedingly unprofessional and it had more personality than the engineered intensity of the new one.

So welcome back to the tournament Eastern Kentucky, I wish you all the luck and I hope that you upset either the #2 or #3 seed that you will face. Just don’t think that your angry Colonel will intimidate anyone, it won’t. In fact, I have my stinking suspicion that it just might make some players play even harder just to stick it to him.

Team: Eastern Kentucky Colonels
Conference: Ohio Valley Conference
Location: Richmond, Kentucky
Arena: Alumni Coliseum

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2 Responses to >Know Your NCAA Tourney Logos – Eastern Kentucky Colonels

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  2. sarge says:

    >sarge here warder how the hell are ya boy?

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