>KYNCAATLs – Florida A&M Rattlers


Let’s be 100% honest with ourselves here…The Tar Heels? Ooooo, I’m quaking in my boots. The Great Danes? What are they going to do, lick me to death? The Quakers? Please. Even a nickname like the Gators doesn’t evoke much fear, especially when they bring out that big fluffy mascot.

One name that does: The Rattlers of Florida A&M, winners of the MEAC automatic-bid on a crazy last second layup and my candidate for the most badass, scary nickname in the tournament (or at least in the play-in-game). And there is something about their crazy looking Natural History Museum snake that helps make them so intimidating. It’s just so literal. Is there another logo out there that looks so much like what it actually is?

It doesn’t help that I’m a little nervous about rattlers in general. I wouldn’t say that I am scared of snakes, I’m not. Normal snakes in a controlled habitat don’t scare me in the least bit. However, when I think about hiking around in Southern California my mind immediately considers all of the warnings that I have read about possibly encountering rattlesnakes, and suddenly I want to go hiking a lot less than I wanted to before.

If I were a player, I think the same thing would happen to me when thinking about the Florida A&M Rattlers. I would hear who we were playing and suddenly not want to play basketball anymore. Perhaps I am the only one.

What’s that Purple Eagles of Niagara? You want to go hiking with me on Tuesday evening? Alright, if we have to.

Team: Florida A&M Rattlers
Conference: Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference
Location: Tallahassee, Florida

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