>Bowling Green State University Falcons


Congratulations have to go out to my Bowling Green State University Fighting Falcons women’s basketball team for knocking off #2 seed Vanderbilt tonight 59-56 to earn a trip to the Sweet Sixteen for the first time in school history and Mid-American Conference history. Yes Ryne Hamblet (above, right), that just happened.

Two seasons ago I got the opportunity to see most of this team in the first round of the tournament in Seattle when they were beaten handily by Kansas State as a #13 seed. Despite the loss, you could see the talent that Curt Miller had brought in and how they were only going to get better and the excitement that was being built for this program. Last season, with a 28-2 record going into the tournament, the Falcons were given a #12 seed and had to play #5 UCLA and once again were beaten fairly easily.

This season, after only three losses including a much closer than the final score nine point loss to Duke, they were given some respect with a #7 seed and have run with it by first beating Oklahoma State and then earning tonight’s historic victory. Saturday they look to make history again when they face #3 Arizona State.

When I went to school at BG, our men’s basketball team was king featuring studs like Anthony Stacey and Keith McLeod. Football was terrible, women’s basketball was a joke and hockey was mediocre. As soon as I left, football got good but men’s basketball stumbled. The past two years, football has struggled while women’s basketball has dominated the landscape. Point is, only one BGSU sport can be good at one time.

So how did the women’s basketball team grow to be so strong while at the same time the men’s program fell apart? Simple. Old-school jerseys. The men have switched from great, simple, understated jerseys complete with brown and orange striped socks to a more modern jersey complete with the new athletic marks that the school has been trying to slowly integrate.

The women, on the other hand, have resisted change and are still wearing an old jersey design that, to me, is what BGSU basketball should look like. I personally am not a big fan of the new Bowling Green athletic marks, and to go along with it, I’m not a fan of jerseys that use one solid script logo on the front. I prefer individually sewn letters like the ones the men used to wear and the women are currently wearing.

So to whoever takes over as the men’s coach (I was sad to see Dakich go, but something had to happen) please think about ditching these fancy new jerseys for something traditional. I’m telling you, they have some seriously good mojo.

And to my other favorite team, the University of Washington Huskies who are currently looking for a new head coach, may I please introduce you to Curt Miller? He has built a great tradition of winning at BG, got the community excited about women’s basketball and come Saturday, unlike June Daugherty, he will have beaten Arizona State this season.

Ay Ziggy Zoomba! Go Falcons!

Team: Bowling Green State University Falcons
Conference: Mid-American Conference
Location: Bowling Green, Ohio
Arena: Anderson Arena

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