>University of Florida Gators


Logo: I guess I’ve never really looked very closely at the Florida Gators logo. With apologies to Clueless, It’s a bit of a Monet: pretty from far away but a mess up close. The details of the logo are pretty rough, in particular the white outline around the gator.

I also don’t like the circle around the gator head. I understand that it has to be there to give the logo balance but because the orange is so bright in comparison to the blue and green, the circle and the tongue end up being more of the focal point than they probably should be. My eye is drawn first to the tongue and then I have to change my focus to see the gator. That reason alone makes this logo not work for me.

Jerseys: Florida basically has the same jerseys as Georgetown. They are fairly basic in design but have the typical Nike embellishments all over the place that we have come to know and love. For what it’s worth, they are pretty timid for a Nike designed jersey.

Enjoy it while you can because if the Nike website is any indication, they will join Arizona, Syracuse and previously reviewed Ohio State in wearing form fitting jerseys tops Lebron’s and these ones come complete with a hideous alligator pattern. Good lord, they are horrible! The other three teams wore their jerseys throughout the postseason but Florida has yet to premier their new design. Perhaps next season? I sure hope not.

Mascots: Albert and Alberta or as I like to call them, ripoff Freddie and Frieda Falcon. They are good, traditional mascots that I’m sure are beloved by Gator fans. Personally I am partial to more mobile mascots who don’t wear clothes but I guess these two will do. I can’t imagine that being the mascot is too much fun, I’d be willing to bet that in the Florida humidity those costumes stink something fierce.

Cheerleaders: I am very surprised to see that the cheer squad and dance team seem to lean much more to the Ohio State side of conservative in dress that I would have expected given how bad the orange and blue looks on anybody and how ridiculously hot and humid gameday can be.

I also find it interesting that there appears to be separate cheerleading squads for sporting events and for competitions. Makes perfect sense to me and I’m surprised that more squads don’t separate themselves this way.

Overall: Of the four Final Four competitors, I am the least impressed with Florida’s package. The logo does nothing for me, the jerseys might go Lebron next year, the mascots are stinky and frumpy and so are the cheerleaders (not really, just kidding, it just sounded good).

Team: University of Florida Gators
League: SEC
Location: Gainesville, Florida
Arena: Stephen C. O’Connell Center

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