>BREAKING NEWS – Charlotte Bobcats Sold


CHARLOTTE, NC – Charlotte Bobcats owner Robert Johnson surprised everybody in the organization by announcing that he has sold the team to a Charlotte based group including former C&C Music Factory singer Freedom Williams, according to a source close to the team. The announcement was made at an emergency all staff meeting late Wednesday night. The official announcement will be made at a press conference that has been scheduled for 9:00 AM tomorrow.

The source within the organization also reports that the new owners will be wiping out any and all references to the current ownership group including a nickname change. It has been widely speculated that owner Robert Johnson named the team the Bobcats after himself. The new owners have already been granted permission by the NBA to change their name immediately to the Charlotte Krunk, resurrecting one of the most beloved nicknames and logos in the history of the ABA.

It is also being reported that this news is just an April Fools Day post that influential sports logo review superblog, The Sports Logo Pundit, never got around to writing on Sunday.

“It’s a shame too,” said Brandon from his home on Wednesday night. “If I would’ve taken a little bit of time that day instead of hanging out with the wife, the joke would have been way funnier and much better written. Now it’s just lame.”

Robert Johnson was too busy allowing BET to ruin hip-hop to return any of our calls about this story.

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