>Oxnard Chupacabras


Recently I joined an online fantasy indoor football league in which we run our clubs like we would if we were the owners and operators of a real life team. This includes designing a logo, creating a website, managing promotions and all that other crazy stuff you get to do when you own a minor league franchise. I don’t know how this will ever be measured or how any of it will work but I figure it should be a fun experiment. What the heck, might as well.

While designing the above logo for my Oxnard Chupacabras I learned a couple of important lessons about logo design that made me think more about what I do on this blog.

The first lesson that I learned is that it is very, very difficult and time consuming to design a graphics heavy logo from scratch. I couldn’t do it. I tried a few different things but I just don’t have the knowledge or the experience working with Photoshop to design something that complex. Because of this, I now have a lot more respect and a lot more empathy toward graphic designers.

However, I also learned that it isn’t that hard to come up with something attractive and somewhat professional if you are in a pinch and can’t do something more complex. With virtually no design experience, no training and pretty crappy software I was able to design something that is at least clean and interesting. It’s not a great logo by any means, but in my opinion, it tops quite a few of the logos that I have reviewed over the years. I now have a lot less respect for teams that put out cheap, unprofessional crap.

Another thing that I learned is that I really enjoy designing. I don’t think I could ever do it as a profession. I don’t think I have the artistic ability to succeed and the perfectionist that lives inside of me would take over and drive me crazy in the long run, but I can see myself doing it on a freelance kind of thing or as a hobby more often. I need to learn a lot more about graphic design if I were to do so, but I’m definitely willing and excited to learn.

Team: Oxnard Chupacabras – check out the website, I’m really proud of the start I got on it.
League: Internet Indoor Football League
Location: Oxnard, California
Arena: The totally fake Ventura County Events Center. Sadly, there is no arena in the VC.
Online Store: Someday soon!

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