>Santa Barbara Foresters vs. California Oaks – 7/3/07


I swear to you that I will post a logo review sometime soon. The holiday has me all messed up.

On Tuesday night I went to see the Santa Barbara Foresters take on the California Oaks in Carpinteria, about fifteen miles away from their normal home field at UC Santa Barbara. They were playing at Carpinteria High School as a benefit for the city’s Little League teams. Quite a few fans packed the little tiny seating area at the high school’s field and they were treated to an entertaining game in an absolutely gorgeous setting.

I complain a lot about living in Southern California. Honestly, I can’t wait to move back up to the Pacific Northwest next year. However, there are a few things here that you just can’t find up in Washington. Like a ballpark in front of breathtaking mountains and citrus orchards and a cool breeze blowing in off the ocean. The stadium isn’t much to look at, but the field is in incredible shape and the view…well it speaks for itself (click on the pictures to bigify)…

The life of a ballplayer, huh? It just isn’t fair.

Wow! The last picture will be forever burned in my mind as my version of what baseball will look like in heaven.
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One Response to >Santa Barbara Foresters vs. California Oaks – 7/3/07

  1. Replicant says:

    >Beautiful. I need to see more baseball this summer. I’ve been to one Tulsa Driller game and the park is less than 2 miles from my house.

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