>USL Second Division Rankings


In other logo review blogging, today Climbing the Ladder ranked the logos of USL-2. I like his list, mine would be just a little bit different, but we both agree on the best logo, the Bermuda Hogges, and the two worst logos.

He says that he is planning on ranking the USL-1’s logos and at least ten of the PDL’s best logos. I don’t envy him one bit for tackling the PDL, I was just going through it and some of those logos are brutal. I can’t say that there is even one that jumped out as the best.

If he does the PDL, let me nominate my hometown Ventura Fusion for the top ten.

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One Response to >USL Second Division Rankings

  1. scaryice says:

    >Thanks for the link. You’re right, the PDL is really hard to figure out. There’s 63 teams, and yet very few have a decent logo (which is not surprising since they’re amateur teams). Several of them I won’t include cuz they’re just offshoots of their parent clubs.I’ve only managed to find five that definitely will be in my top ten, and Ventura is one of them.

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