>2008 MLB All-Star Game


I love that despite being a self-proclaimed sports logos “expert”, I tend to miss all of the big sports logos news until days after it’s made. But to be fair to me, if a team releases a logo and it makes ESPN or CNN/Sports Illustrated or Fox Sports, I can’t be blamed if I miss it. I’m too busy reading OurSportsCentral or analyzing the ABA website and it’s always fluid roster of teams. Besides, I’m not really an expert, just a fan. A really lazy fan.

Anyway, somehow I’ve made it a tradition to review all-star game logos. I’ve reviewed the last two MLB All-Star logos so I guess I shouldn’t stop now especially when the 2008 version is in such sharp contrast to the last two in San Francisco and Pittsburgh.

The Yankees All-Star game logo is exactly what you would expect it to be…

  • Classic to the point of being boring? Check.
  • Pinstripes? Check.
  • Facade? Check.
  • Yankees script in a prominent place? Check, although in other pictures I’ve seen it says “Major League Baseball” in red. That’s probably the logo that all the other teams will use and this is just for the Yankees.
  • Yogi Berra trotted out like a mascot? Check.

Event: 2008 MLB All-Star Game
Location: The Bronx, New York
Stadium: Yankee Stadium
Merchandise: Yawn!

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