>Open Thread: Steely McBeam


Two things tonight…

1. The second Down With Pants! Blogger Fantasy Football League needs one more team. If you have a blog, are interested in playing some fantasy football with a bunch of other bloggers (none of them are sports bloggers) and can make a live draft on Sunday, April 26th at noon Pacific time, by all means either leave me a comment or email me and I’ll send you the invite.

2. We did this a couple weeks ago with the Los Angeles Galaxy. I want to open the comments up and see what you guys think of Steely McBeam…

…the new mascot for the Pittsburgh Steelers. There’s been a lot said about Steely this week on other blogs, but I’m curious about my readers who usually are a little bit different than the average sports blog reader. I know of at least one regular who will probably have a very strong opinion of this “guy”.

Have at it…

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2 Responses to >Open Thread: Steely McBeam

  1. Michael says:

    >Okay… first off… I think McDonalds really masterminded the naming rights. Secondly, I think this name is a direct slap in the face to every Hunky steel and miner in Western Pennsylvania who bled, sweat, and even died in the mills. Sure this city is a melting pot, but I don’t remember seeing any Scotch exhibits in steel-town history.Bad name. Bad bad name.

  2. Anonymous says:

    >Wow, this is just as bad as the Chargers try at a mascot….. who approves these things. Doesn’t some one in upper management have to approve this. Horrible

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