>Houston Leones


Ok, I’m going to give you fair warning before I show you this logo. It is one of the most disturbing and nightmarish logos that I’ve ever seen.

Earlier this month the United Soccer League announced the arrival of the Houston Leones (thanks to SLP advanced scout Jesse Acevedo for alerting me). The team will play it’s home games at owner Juan Carlos Hernandez’s Soccer World Center in Richmond, Texas. Because they will be totally in control of their own stadium and because of Hernandez’s close ties to the local Hispanic community, the USL and the Leones expect to be very successful, and I’d be willing to bet that they will do quite well for themselves.

You know, I think I need to become a successful developer with the resources to just build my own stadium. I can’t find a link, but apparently this Soccer World Center is a 17 -acre facility that has three fields including the main stadium that seats 4,500 fans and is able to expand to a 8,000 – 10,000 capacity. I should have something like that for baseball. All it would take is the business know how and years and years and yeas of hard work.

So maybe I won’t be building my own facility, because I know nothing about real estate or construction. But if Juan Carlos Hernandez would be willing, I’d gladly accept a gift of a baseball stadium from him. Please Mr. Hernandez?

Ok, enough talk, it was just an excuse to make sure that the hideousness of their logo is below the fold. I’m sure this team will be successful, but this logo isn’t going to do them an favors. It’s bad…scary bad. It’s haunted my dreams since Jesse first emailed it to me. Consider yourself warned, I cannot be responsible for what happens here on out…

Sleep tight! Don’t let the Narasimha TEAR YOUR FRIGGING HEAD OFF!

Team: Houston Leones
League: USL Premier Development League
Location: Richmond, Texas
Stadium: Soccer World Center

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10 Responses to >Houston Leones

  1. Mallrat says:

    >and people wonder why no one takes soccer seriously in the states.

  2. Dave2 says:

    >Uhhh… yeah… that is probably one of the most painfull logos I’ve seen in recent memory. There are many problems, but the big one for me is that the text isn’t even in the proper shape for the banner. Lions make excellet logo fodder, but this was kind of a missed opportunity.

  3. Brandon says:

    >Mallrat – Hard to believe, huh?Dave – I forgot to mention the text. That’s horrible.

  4. >This is what happens when someone in the organization say, “Hey my kid is an artist. Let’s have him do it.”That kid made this one before he went to a Dungeons and Dragons tournament.

  5. Anonymous says:

    >ok…for all of you “i have nothing better else to do but criticize the bridging success of others”…get a life…apparently you aren’t so successful if you have time to sit around and randomly post blogs as such…secondly, may i ask what yall have accomplished? im pretty sure all of you havent started from the ground up and become a millionaire…id be suprised if you even were on your feet yet…whatever…anyways, all publicity is good publicity…at least this “kid” was smart enough to still have you talking about this man and many other idiots who have posted comments…so i think he has a good start. so all of you low-lives…find another hobby cuz this one aint working :)…by the way…get new pictures…men of your age shouldnt have so much time to be taking “profile” shots. thank you and get a life! ciao

  6. Brandon says:

    >I think we touched a nerve with the owner’s son. Whoops!

  7. Anonymous says:

    >I love this logo, maybe in can be in the top 10 for all I know.

  8. The Wolf says:

    >Say wha? That’s a pretty sweet logo and the name is better then say… LA Galaxy. The stadium is about 15 miles from me so I’ll be checking them out.

  9. Grim Reaperz says:

    >I actually love the logo and can’t wait for them to make some merchandise so I can purchase it.

  10. >Heh heh… very late comment here, but I know where they got the shield backing for the (gah) logo here. Look at every Air Force unit designation created in the past 30 years (that I am aware of) and you have that shield, and that exact scroll under that shield.I’m not sure the DoD can sue, but if so, they should.

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