>California Lutheran Kingsmen vs. Pacific Lutheran Lutes


It was an epic gridiron battle between Lutherans on Saturday afternoon as the Pacific Lutheran Lutes traveled to Thousand Oaks to take on the California Lutheran Kingsmen. Fans packed the 2,000 seats of Mt. Clef Stadium on the CLU campus for the 2007 season opener and the debut of the Kingsmen’s coach Ben McEnroe.

The setting for a game is spectacular, the view from the stands is great and the ability to get really close to the action on the visitors side of the field is outstanding. It’s just too bad that Mt. Clef Stadium is one of the worst stadiums that I have ever been to anywhere. It’s about as rickety and downright scary as it gets. Cal Lu is hoping to build a new stadium pretty soon, and none to soon. I doubt those grandstands can take too much more abuse.

Enjoy some pictures from the game (click to enlarge)…

It wasn’t a successful debut for Coach McEnroe as the Lutes came in and rolled over the Kingsmen 48-17. It got mighty ugly as the Kingsmen had to use three different quarterbacks and turned the ball over seven times. Ah, Division-III football at it’s best.

Oh well, they don’t charge anything for admission, so you can’t beat the price.

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