>Minot Skyrockets


It’s getting late and I’m just about ready for bed, but before I head there, I have to share this logo. It’s not everyday that I come across a minor league basketball logo that I actually like…The Minot Skyrockets of the CBL.

The biggest question I have about the Skyrockets though, is how in the world does a team start in San Jose, California and then decide to relocate to Minot, North Dakota? That seems pretty drastic.

Team: Minot Skyrockets
League: Continental Basketball Association
Location: Minot, North Dakota
Arena: Minot Municipal Auditorium
Dance Team: Rockettes – I know it’s small potatoes, but I’m surprised they haven’t received a cease-and-desist letter about their name yet.

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2 Responses to >Minot Skyrockets

  1. Dave2 says:

    >That is a darn fine logo.Apparently somebody in Minot has major bank?

  2. Mallrat says:

    >That logo is better than 60% of the NBA.

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