Seattle Sounders – MLS Concepts

The guys over at are nervously reporting that October 11th could be the day that the MLS announces that they have awarded an expansion franchise to Seattle. I’m all for it. I’ve now been to a couple of MLS games and was won over and I definitely think it could do well in Seattle. I wish there was a soccer specific stadium in town rather than the massive Qwest Field, but I’m not willing to have taxpayers pay for yet another unnecessary stadium.

My hope is that Seattle MLS, headed by current Sounders owner Adrian Hanauer, will stick with tradition and take the Sounders nickname with them. I personally can’t imagine a Seattle soccer team that isn’t called the Sounders. I almost don’t think it would be worth having an MLS team in town if they wouldn’t be called the Sounders. Seriously, that’s how much I love that name.

Above you see my favorite of the concepts done by Luminous Creative that GOALSeattle obtained (click here to see the others). It’s the only one that he did that incorporates the Sounders name with the FC Seattle or Seattle FC that many are suggesting will be used. I love the use of Chief Sealth, the man Seattle is named after and the symbol of the City of Seattle (this is an exact replication of Sealth from the city’s logo) and I like that he retained the blue and green that the Sounders have used all along.

Too bad the Seattle MLS group appears to have hired a different firm, hence the availability of these concepts online. Oh well, as long as they remain the Sounders and improve upon their current logo, I’ll be plenty happy.

Team: Seattle Sounders
League: Current – USL First Divison… Proposed – MLS
Location: Seattle, Washington
Stadium: Qwest Field
Merchandise: Get the current, OK logo before it’s gone

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