Port Huron IceHawks – UPDATED AGAIN!

Wow. Now that is on BAD logo. Seriously, I don’t think there is anything left to say except…YUCK!

UPDATE – 7/27/2007…

And it just gets worse. For some reason, the IceHawks changed their colors to red and black. Why, I have no idea. I’d be wiling to bet it’s because they got a good deal on red jerseys or had leftovers from the old Flags team that they can salvage. It’s either that or they just want to capitalize on the Red Wings color scheme. Either way, it still stinks.

UPDATE – 10/12/07…

I’ve got to give it up to SLP commenter jonez who chimed in with “AM I the Only one seeing the word KINNEY within the iced tail feathers of the bird??” Good eyes jonez, I never even noticed that. You are absolutely correct, the word KINNEY is right there.

If you are wondering what that cryptic word means, it’s pretty simple. Larry W. and Frank D. Kinney are the owners and president and governor respectively of the IceHawks. It explains so, so much.

Team: Port Huron IceHawks – or DrunkenParrots
League: International Hockey League – a few of the former UHL teams
Location: Port Huron, Michigan
Arena: McMorran Place

Picture stolen from the Port Huron Times Herald

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6 Responses to Port Huron IceHawks – UPDATED AGAIN!

  1. TSBAllStars3 says:

    >I have a feeling this team name and logo won’t stick long even if the league is around for a few years.Wonder if the artist that created the “IceHawk” was maybe related to the owner or one of the major investors of the team?

  2. Replicant says:

    >Agreed. That is terrible.

  3. Anonymous says:

    >AM I the Only one seeing the word KINNEY within the iced tail feathers of the bird?? –jonez

  4. Mallrat says:

    >I’m not sure what is more terrible. That logo or the the fact that the owners felt the need to superimpose their name in it. Well at least when they sell the team, the new owners will be forced to change it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    >Reminds me somewhat of the http://www.varkauseagles.com logo (a very interesting hockey project by the way).

  6. Ryan says:

    >I love this logo? this should be on the best list along with the indians

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