Open Thread: Birmingham Barons

This is probably going to be a slow week here at The Sports Logo Pundit. I’ll be out of town from Tuesday to Thursday and mostly out of the internet loop that whole time. So I apologize for the lack of posts this week.

So, to encourage a little bit of participation and keep this thing active while I’m gone, I’m going to ask for your opinion on the Birmingham Baron’s logos that were released last week. The comments section is yours, tell me what you think about it or tell us whatever else is on your mind. I don’t care, it’s an open thread for a reason.

Team: Birmingham Barons
League: Southern League
Location: Birmingham, Alabama
Stadium: Regions Park
Merchandise: Still selling the old stuff at full price

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2 Responses to Open Thread: Birmingham Barons

  1. Bryan Walko says:

    >The “Barons” on the Baseball shield is exceptionally generic. But it isn’t poorly done, so it works for me.As for the “Retro-head” logo, I like that quite a bit. The colors are very simple, only three in all, and the strokes are simple and thick. Perfect t-shirt/hat material!It’s not really a baron (that said, the Demon Deacon is pretty fugly), but it does exude 1800s baseball, and it’s nice to tout the historical aspect when you’ve been continuously fielding teams for well over 100 years.

  2. >Ditto everything walko said.This is the logo where the designers… just got a little lazy with the baseball shield. See also, the Royals, Brewers (although with the Miller Brewing touch), Padres, the Giants, ect.

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