Quad City River Bandits

It’s late and I need to go to bed. But I just saw this and wanted to quickly share. The Quad City River Bandits are back! Thoughts?

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4 Responses to Quad City River Bandits

  1. Big Six says:

    >I like it, but I’m a sucker for returning to historic team names, provided they’re unique and original. Not a big fan of the yellow border around the black border, though…

  2. >Ugly, too busy, too many colors, too much going on. Fails the “Would this logo look good on a polo shirt?” test miserably. Why is the raccoon holding a beach ball?The old River Bandits’ logo (baseball with bandana) rocked.

  3. big six says:

    >It does look like they kept a version of their classic bandana ball, although they added a cowboy hat…http://www.ballparkwatch.com/news/2007archives/dec16_23_2007.htm(scroll down)

  4. WI Cub says:

    >I agree with greensboro…the old River Bandits log baseball with bandana rocked. It was the best in baseball! The new one is average at best. Why mess with a classic. It was stupid enough to change the team name to the Swing. But now to bring back the Bandits and not their classic logo is a monumental marketing error. Why do you think you can’t find new old logo River Bandit merchandise anywhere?

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